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Advertising in KuchingBorneo will give your brand an opportunity to be known among travel enthusiast around the globe, especially those seeking to travel in South East Asia, with Kuching being one of their destinations.

Unlike other travel sites that tend to mix everything all up, KuchingBorneo is focused on four main things; travel news, destinations, personal travel encounters and most importantly travel tips.

To ensure each article produced gains good attention, KuchingBorneo uses Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques as well as social media since 2011, and is considered one of the best travel sites around.



Advertising, as you may already know, creates awareness of your brand/services to a specific audience.  At KuchingBorneo, our target audiences are those looking to travel and explore the world and hence any travel related items and service would fit well to be advertised, which includes tour packages, travel deals, travel bags, camera gear, travel destinations, festivals and so much more.

If you are interested to advertise your brand/service on KuchingBorneo, the following options are available:

  • 728 X 90 banner header advert (site wide)
  • 300 X 250 side banner advert (site wide)
  • Sponsored/Guest articles
  • Text link adverts
  • Video advert

If the options for advertising is unavailable above, you can directly contact me here for further details.